If you take Razorback Transit to school, you know there are a bunch of different drivers. Some play classic rock on the way to the Union and some say “hi” to everyone that steps onto the bus. However, did you know that one of those bus drivers is a student? You might even have him in one of your classes…

His name is Trevor Keyser, and he is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. He is a biology major and minoring in history and psychology with hopes of being an orthopedic surgeon or cardiologist.

He became a bus detailer for Razorback Transit because he, in his words, “needed a job to support [himself] while attending college and it was the highest paying job on campus.” 

He has, however, been driving Razorback Transit buses since spring.

“I like my job because the flexibility of my schedule,” Trevor said. “It is an on-campus job and my supervisors are either current students or recent graduates, and they know the difficulties of school and tests.”

Training for this job is typically a five week program.

“The first day you do nothing but paperwork and watch videos, and then you are driving every day with a trainer,” he said. “The final week of your training you are scheduled to take your CDl test and one of supervisors has the ability to give the test.”

He said that it is not difficult to drive such a large vehicle, and that there are certain tricks that they learn during their training that help.

“If you have driven a pickup truck or an SUV or van you can drive a bus, no issue,” he said, “You have to remember ‘hey I have an extra 35 feet behind me’ compared to your normal vehicle.”

When Trevor is not working or studying he likes to enjoy his time off.

“On the weekends, I will typically go golfing with a couple of guys from work,” he said.

His upcoming year might be his busiest yet.

“The ‘fun’ year for me is about to begin,” Trevor said. “My junior year is when I take my MCAT, attend my pre-medical advising committee (PMAC) meeting, apply for medical schools all while attending class and maintaining my GPA.”

According to Transit and Parking Communications Director David Wilson, Trevor has become extremely knowledgeable about transit issues.

“Trevor helped us at our table at the off campus living fair on October 10,” he said, “and he could answer practically every question any student had about buses or bus routes. He’s a great person to have working in the department.”

For more details about how to apply to be a Razorback Transit bus driver, you may call 479 575-7460.  You may also go to the link at https://jobs.uark.edu/postings/31273 


U of A senior Lexi DeLeon contributed this article.