Your choices.  If you are getting a parking permit for your vehicle, it will be orange, green, red, or for a garage. (There are obvious exceptions with scooters or motorcycles).

Orange is for remote parking in Lot 99. Green is our standard student parking permit.  Red is for resident reserved, usually near resident housing.  Resident reserved permits and garage permits have separate waiting lists. When you completed your housing application, you had an opportunity to get on the resident reserved waiting list. Getting on that list, however, does not guarantee that you will receive resident reserved parking.

Garage parking options include the Garland Avenue Parking Garage, Harmon Avenue Parking Garage, or Stadium Drive Parking Garage. To get on the list go to Please note that getting on the garage waiting list does not guarantee that you will be offered garage parking for the coming semester or the coming school year.

Orange and green are the most affordable options. Resident reserved or garage permits are more expensive. A parking options chart is available at

Please check online for info. The main website has the most details about requirements and options: Our Talk T&P website is at  and is an online magazine provided by the department.

There are two new apps that are very helpful. Passio GO! tracks Razorback Transit buses in real time. More information is at Flowbird! can be used to pay for metered parking and Is at

If you live on campus, walk or ride rather than drive. Sometimes a student will make the mistake of thinking that he or she can drive across campus and get closer to class, but there is often so much traffic congestion on campus during daily classes that it doesn’t save any time. It is usually more convenient to walk and/or take a bus.

Be organized. Plan ahead. Arrive early.  Students do much better when they have things in order and aren’t running late.  If you live off campus and are driving to class it is best to arrive early. Students who are hurriedly looking for a place to park are more likely to park illegally and get a citation.

Make sure you know when your vehicle must be moved for athletic events. This applies mainly to those who have a green parking permit. The athletic department uses many parking lots for their events, and those areas must be vacated before games. Students who pay attention to their calendar and to their email usually have no trouble with this.

Let us know if you have any problem or question. We appreciate you contacting Transit and Parking, because it gives us an opportunity to answer questions or resolve specific issues. More information is at


Transit and Parking Communications Director David Wilson contributed this article.